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Coffee Break Demonstration Series - Webinar Recording Archive List

AEA's Coffee Break Demonstrations (CBD) are short 20 minute webinars by and for evaluators. If you are looking for the list of upcoming CBDs, click here. Click on the title of any CBD below to go to its full description and access its archived recording. You'll be prompted to sign in if you haven't already done so.


September 2015

CFB 224: Slide Clinic Part 3 of 4: Chart Redesigns for Evaluators                                                                                         

Stephanie Evergreen and Ann K. Emery

CFB 225: Causal Loop Diagrams for Conceptualization, Explanation, and Presentation                                                                 

Jeff Wasbes

CFB 226: Slide Clinic Part 4 of 4: Delivery Tips for Evaluators                                                                                                

Stephanie Evergreen and Ann K. Emery


August 2015

CFB 221: Slide Clinic Part 1 of 4: Presentation Tips for Evaluators                                                                                       

Stephanie Evergreen and Ann K. Emery

CFB 222: Slide Clinic Part 2 of 4: Slide Redesigns for Evaluators                                                                                         

Stephanie Evergreen and Ann K. Emery

CFB 223: Network analysis: Data wrangling for evaluators familiar with SNA                                                                                

Bobbi Carothers


July 2015

CFB 218 : Incorporating complexity into outcome chains and logic models                                                                                     

John Burrett

CFB 219 : From Pencil to Pixels: Keys to successful data dashboard design-build                                                                 

Veronica Smith


June 2015

CFB 215 : Dispelling the Evaluator Mystique: Tools and Tips for Communicating with Non-Evaluators                            

Catherine Rains

CFB 216 : Evaluating Digital Media Impact: Audience vs. Advertiser Metrics                                                                              

Dana Chinn

CFB 217 : Reporting and Sharing Rubric Data                                                                                                                            

Dana McCurdy


May 2015 
CFD 213: An Approach to Adding Interactivity to PDFs to Enhance Evaluation Practice and Reporting
Nikole Lobb Dougherty

CFD 214: Developing an Evaluation Framework for a Complex Organization
Victoria Szydlowski

April 2015
CFD 209: Online Google Spreadsheets for Flexible Data Collection 
Rose Hennessy 

CFD 210: Visualizing with words: Qualitative interviewing using solution-focused contextual questions
Dr. Emily Spence-Almaguer

CFD 211: Rich pictures: using an effective Soft Systems Methodology tool in evaluation
Judy Oakden

CFD 212: Checklists for Improving Evaluation Practice
Lori Wingate 

March 2015
CFB 205: Using tablets for data collection – lessons learned from field
Isaac Castillo & Samantha Greenberg

CFB 206: Conducting an on-site observation: Tip and tricks for observers
Kristin Everett

CFB 207: Conflict Resolution Tips for Evaluators
Jeanne Zimmer

CFB 208: Style Matters: Making Reports Into Page-turners
Christine Frank

February 2015
CBD 201: Design Thinking: What Is It and Why Should Evaluators Care? 
Srik Gopal & Rosanna Tran

CBD 202: Introducing PowerPivot for Data Analysis
Lisa Holliday

CFB 203: Aligning Evaluation Data Collections Practices with Qualitative Data Analysis Software (QDAS)
Christian Geckeler & Hannah Betesh

January 2015
CBD 198: Audience Engagement MORE Strategies for Potent Presentations 
Sheila B. Robinson

CBD 199: Data Placemats: A Dataviz Technique to Improve Stakeholder Understanding of Evaluation Results
Veena Pankaj

CBD 200: Time-Saving Tips and Tricks for Low-Cost Data Visualization
Jessica Aungst Weitzel 

December 2014
CBD: 197 Evaluation Made Easy: Creating Meaningful Toolkits; a Farm to School example 
Dr. Lyn Kathlene 
CBD: 196 Fundamentals of Good Evaluation Reporting
Anne Markiewicz

November 2014
CBD: 195 Utilizing NVivo for Research and Evaluation at Abt Associates
Dr. Lianne Fisman


October 2014
CBD: PowerCheck: A New Tool for Planning and Evaluating Community Organizing Readiness 
Sue Hoechstetter

CBD: Using digital photography and journaling in evaluating field-based environmental education program
Nicole Ardoin, Maria Digiano, Kathleen O'Connor 

CBD: Audience Engagement Strategies for Potent Presentations
Sheila B. Robinson, Ed.D

September 2014
CBD: 192Ten tips for getting better value from monitoring and evaluation
Andrew Hawkins

August 2014
CBD 189: Visionary Evaluation: Personalizing Your 2014 Conference 
Beverly Parsons, Matt Keene, Lovely Dhillon 

CBD 191Doing An Effective Search for a Literature Review:Saving Time and Money
Mathew Von Hendy

July 2014
CBD 185
: Online Focus Groups
Sara Baughman 

CBD 188: Is a Picture Worth A Thousand Literature Reviews?
Jack Scott

May 2014
CBD Special Series:
How to Write an Article, Session 3- Conceptualizing Your Experience 
George Julnes 

CBD Special Series: How to Write an Article, Session 4- Submitting Your Article
Rachael Lawrence 

CBD 182: Qualitative Data: Software Solution for the Evaluation Process
Stuart Robertson

CBD 183: Empowerment Evaluation's 21st Anniversary: Implications for Corporate Philanthropy, Education, Foundations, Government, Health, and Nonprofits 
David Fetterman 

April 2014
CBD 175
: Fast Data: Technology solutions for faster, better quality M&E data
Megan Noel

CBD 176: Needs Assessment for Evaluation Capacity Building (ECB)
Julianne Manchester

Data Visualization in Executive Summaries 
Nate Wilairat 

CBD Special Series: How to Write an Article, Session 2- Linking Your Work to the Body of Knowledge in Your Field
Matt Von Hendy 

March 2014
CBD 174
: Tools to Secure Data on a Shoestring Budget
Teresa Doksum & Sean Owen

CBD Special Series: Session 1, What Journals Want 
Thomas Schwandt 

February 2014
CBD 173: 
Doing it virtually: Online tools for managing multisite evaluation
Audrey Rorrer

Embracing paper free evaluation: Applications for tablet based data collection
Caren Oberg

Experience in the Field: Things they don't teach you in school
Stan Capela

Regression analysis for evaluation: Practical Considerations
Jeff Wasbes

January 2014

Visualizing Process: How to Create a Stakeholder-friendly Graphic Timeline of Process Data
Artineh Samkian & Joelle Greene

Big Data in Higher Education: Evaluators as Data Scientists
Stephanie Fuentes
December 2013

CBD167: Gender-Based Violence in Evaluation
Tessie Catsambas

Pocket Chart Voting- Engaging vulnerable voices in program evaluation
Kerry Zaleski

CBD165: Practical Strategies: Managing Counterproductive Behavior in Small Groups
Robert Kahle

November 2013
CBD 164: Using Slicers to View Data in Excel
Lisa Holliday

CBD 163 - InQuiry: Q Methodology for Participatory Evaluation
Matt Militello and Chris Janson

October 2013

CBD 162 - Rights Based Evaluation: Implications for Evaluation Questions
Donna Mertens

CDB 161 - Logic Models As Simple Pictures - and So Much More
Jonny Morell

CBD 160 Using a Project Management Tool for your Evaluation Projects
Michelle Landry and Judy Savageau

September 2013
CBD 159 - Building Predictive Models in R

Ray DiGiacomo, Jr.

CBD 158 - How to combine Participatory Video and Most Significant Change - InsightShare
Soledad Muniz

CBD157 - Lean Thinking for Program Evaluation
Joyce Miller & Tania Bogatova

August 2013

CBD 156 - A Few Modern Strategies for Excellent Interviews
Geri Lynn Peak

CBD 155 - Social Media Analysis - Network Metrics & Mapping Causal Dynamic Data
John Burrett

CBD 154 - All About Statistics Without Borders

Gary Shapiro

CBD 153Simple Flexible Data Collection For Program Management and Evaluation
Jonathan Humphrey

CBD 152 - Using Piktochart to Create Infographics for Evaluation
Jessica Weitzel 
Sponsored by Data Visualization & Reporting TIG

July 2013

CBD 151 - Program Design: A Big Picture Overview on Achieving Big Impact
John Gargani & Stewart Donaldson

CBD 150 - Importing Spreadsheet Data into Gephi to Perform Social Network Analysis
Simon Geletta
Sponsored by Social Network Analysis TIG

June 2013

CBD 149 - Understanding Evidence: CDC’s Tool to Support Evidence-Based Decision Making
Natalie Wilkins
Sponsored by Community Psychology TIG

CBD 148 - Acknowledging the “Self” in Developing Cultural Competency
Cindy Crusto & Osman Özturgut

CBD 147 - Evaluation and GIS: Data Basics
David Robinson

CBD 146 - A Brief Introduction to the 12 Steps of Evaluation Data Cleaning
Jennifer Morrow
Sponsored by Quantitative Methods: Theory and Design TIG

CBD 145 - Developing a Project Concept & Pre-Proposal Preparation Strategies
Nicole Bowman
Sponsored by Independent Consulting TIG

May 2013

CBD144 - Manage an Evaluation (Open to the Public)
Kerry Bruce
Sponsored by BetterEvaluation

CBD143 - Report and Support Use of Findings (Open to the Public)
Simon Hearn
Sponsored by BetterEvaluation

CBD142 - Synthesise Data from One or More Evaluations (Open to the Public)
Patricia Rogers
Sponsored by BetterEvaluation

CBD141 - Understand Causes of Outcomes and Impacts (Open to the Public)
Jane Davidson
Sponsored by BetterEvaluation

CBD140 - Describe Activities, Results and Context (Open to the Public)
Irene Guijt
Sponsored by BetterEvaluation

CBD139 - Frame the Boundaries of the Evaluation (Open to the Public)
Patricia Rogers
Sponsored by BetterEvaluation

CBD138 - Define What Is To Be Evaluated (Open to the Public)
Simon Hearn
Sponsored by BetterEvaluation

CBD137 - Overview of Rainbow Framework for Evaluation (Open to the Public)
Irene Guijt
Sponsored by BetterEvaluation

CBD136 - Evaluate More Strategically
Efrain Gutierrez

April 2013

CBD135 - Evaluating Systems of Teacher Collaboration: A Framework for PreK-12 Evaluators
Rebecca Woodland
Sponsored by PreK-12 Educational Evaluation TIG

CBD134 - Crowdsourcing: What Is It, and How Can It Be Used in Evaluation Practice
Tarek Azzam
Sponsored by Integrating Technology into Evaluation TIG

CBD133 - Outstanding Evaluation Award Winner (2012)
Bernard Wood

March 2013

CBD132 - The Intersection of Evaluation and Strategy
Cassandra O'Neill

CBD131 - Outstanding Evaluation Award Winner (2010)
Beth Weitzman & Diana Silver

CBD130 - Visual Evaluation Methods: A Framework for Participatory Data Analysis
Melissa Cater
Sponsored by Collaborative, Participatory, and Empowerment TIG

February 2013

CBD129 - A Business Intelligence Approach to Local Capacity Building
Bo Yan
Sponsored by Cluster, Multi-site and Multi-level Evaluation

CBD128 - Writing a Winning Evaluation Proposal
Melanie Hwalek
Sponsored by Independent Consulting TIG

CBD127 - Easily Present Your Data: Automating the Transfer of Excel Charts to PowerPoint
Jennifer Bain
Sponsored by Data Visualization & Reporting TIG

CBD126 - Measuring Organizational Advocacy Capacity: An Assessment Tool
Susan Hoechstetter
Sponsored by Advocacy and Policy Change TIG

January 2013

CBD125 - OnTheMap: Evaluating Workforce and Economic Development Strategies
Nichole Stewart

CBD124 - Using a Network Survey in Evaluations: The College Access Network Example
Tania Jarosewich
Sponsored by College Access Programs TIG

CBD123 - Understanding Requests for Proposals (RFPs) as a Foundation to Developing a Funding Strategy
Nicole Bowman
Sponsored by Independent Consulting TIG

CBD122 - Storytelling for Evaluation of Development Initiatives  
John Hecklinger 
Sponsored by Community Psychology TIG

December 2012
CBD121 - Map It: Using Geographic Data & Tableau
Julie Lo & Peter Neely

CBD120 - Outstanding Evaluation Award Winner (2011)
Michael Coplen, Michael Zuschlag, Joyce Ranney, & Michael Harnar

CBD119 - Meaningful & Accessible: Presenting Results in Ways that are Useful to Clients
Laura Bloomberg

November 2012
CBD118 - The New Classroom Assessment Standards
Barbara Howard
Sponsored by PreK-12 Educational Evaluation TIG

CBD117 - HyperRESEARCH: A Simple & Powerful Tool for Qualitative Analysis
Paul Dupuis
Sponsored by Qualitative Methods TIG

CBD116 - New Member Orientation 
Susan Kistler

October 2012
CBD115 - Qualitative Data Analysis Using R 
Lindsey Varner
Sponsored by Qualitative Methods TIG

CBD114 - Data Visualization in Microsoft Excel
David Shellard
Sponsored by Data Visualization and Reporting TIG

CBD113 - Image Grouping Tool
Rebecca Stewart

CBD112 - Ten Tips for Making the Most of the Annual Conference
Susan Kistler

September 2012
CBD111 - Using Optimal Design Plus for Planning Cluster Randomized Trials
Jessaca Spybrook

CBD110 - Rational Target Setting Methodology
Fotena Zirps & Katrina Brewsaugh

CBD109 - Working Through Complexity with Outcome Harvesting
Ricardo Wilson-Grau

August 2012  
CBD108 - Tune-Up Your Presentation Skills
Kylie Hutchinson

CBD107 - International Evaluation: Working in an Asian Context
Cindy Banyai 


July 2012

CBD106 - Evaluation Jitters Part Two: Managing an Evaluation 
Alice Willard
Sponsored by: Catholic Relief Services, American Red Cross/Red Crescent, United States Agency for International Development, and AEA’s International and Cross Cultural TIG 

CBD105 - SMILER: Simple Measurement of Indicators & Learning for Evidence-based Reporting (Available to all)
Guy Sharrock & Susan Hahn
Sponsored by: Catholic Relief Services, American Red Cross/Red Crescent, United States Agency for International Development, and AEA’s International and Cross Cultural TIG

CBD104 - Evaluation Jitters Part One: Planning for an Evaluation (Available to all)
Alice Willard
Sponsored by: Catholic Relief Services, American Red Cross/Red Crescent, United States Agency for International Development, and AEA’s International and Cross Cultural TIG 

CBD103 - Monitoring & Evaluation Planning for Projects/Programs (Available to all)
Scott Chaplowe
Sponsored by: Catholic Relief Services, American Red Cross/Red Crescent, United States Agency for International Development, and AEA’s International and Cross Cultural TIG

June 2012
CBD102 - Building Capacity One Click at a Time: Online Evaluation Tools at
Amy Schaller 

CBD100 - What Can I Do with the Visualization System Weave?
Georges Grinstein
Sponsored by: Data Visualization and Reporting TIG 

CBD099 - Pro bono Evaluation: The Benefits to You, Your Client, and the Community
Leah Goldstein Moses
Sponsored by: Independent Consulting TIG

May 2012
CBD098 - Evaluative Thinking: The 'Je Ne Sais Quoi' of Eval Capacity Building & Practice
Tom Archibald & Jane Buckley

CBD097 - Framework for Focus Group Data Collection
Michelle Revels

CBD096 - Google Refine: Data now works!
Juan Paulo Ramirez

CBD095 - Activating Mental Velcro: Getting People Ready to Engage
Cassandra O'Neill & Amy Schaller

April 2012
CBD094 -Mixed-Mode Surveys: Combining Web, Phone, and Mail Modes in a Single Study    
Lija Greenseid 

CBD093 - What Facebook Insights Can Tell You about Your Social Media Presence
Robin Kipke

CBD092 - Stop Wrestling, Start Exploring with Tableau
Daniel Hom

CBD091 - Understanding Mexican Culture to Improve the Interview Experience with Mexicans
Efrain Gutierrez

March 2012
CBD090 - Introduction to Website Evaluation: First Steps
Andrew Hawkins 

CBD089 - Using MS Excel to Develop Easy-to-Use GANTT Charts and Implementation Tracking Tools
Henry Anaya
Sponsored By: National Minority AIDS Council

CBD088 - Evaluation Theory Tree
Christina Christie

CBD087 - Dedoose: Online Tools for Managing & Analyzing Qualitative & Mixed Method Data
Eli Lieber

CBD086 - Community Feedback through Storytelling: Collection Methods
Britt Lake
Sponsored By: Community Psychology TIG

February 2012 
CBD085 -  Design & Build a Useful Data Dashboard on a Budget
Veronica Smith

CBD084 -  Theory of Change Online: Introduction to Features and Use
Dana Taplin

CBD083 - Submitting an AEA Conference Proposal
Susan Kistler

CBD082 - University of North Carolina
Rita O'Sullivan & Johnavae Campbell
Sponsored By: Graduate Student and New Evaluators TIG

CBD081 - So You Want to Be a Consultant!
Gail Barrington
Sponsored By: Independent Consulting TIG

CBD080 - Changing the Evaluation Plan When Stuff Hits the Fan
Robin Kelley
Sponsored By: National Minority AIDS Council

January 2012 
CBD079 - Information Visualization Throughout the Evaluation Lifecycle
Johanna Morariu & Veena Pankaj
Sponsored By: Data Visualization and Reporting TIG

CBD078 - Choosing the Optimal Survey Mode: A Comparison of Web, Phone, Mail or In-Person Surveys
Michelle Kobayashi

CBD077 - 5 Hints for Making Logic Models Worth the Time and Effort
Tom Chapel

December 2011
CBD076 - An Evaluator's Quick Start Guide to Usability Testing
Christine Paulsen
Sponsored By: Distance Ed and Other Educational Tech

CBD075 - Automated Visual Displays Using Word and Excel
Ann Emery & Agata Jose-Ivanina
Sponsored By: Data Visualization and Reporting TIG

CBD074 - New Member Orientation
Susan Kistler

November 2011
CBD073 - Video in Evaluation: Incorporating Video into Evaluation Reports
Corey Newhouse
Sponsored By: Qualitative Methods TIG

CBD072 - Video in Evaluation: How to Get the Clips You Want
Corey Newhouse
Sponsored By: Qualitative Methods TIG

October 2011
CBD071 - Differences Between Benefit-Cost Analysis and Cost-Effectiveness Analysis
Phaedra Corso

CBD070 - University of Minnesota
Jean King & Stacy Johnson
Sponsored By: Graduate Student and New Evaluator TIG

CBD069 - What’s in the Cultural Competence Toolbox?
James Griffith & Elise Laorenza
Sponsored By: Multiethnic Issues in Evaluation TIG

CBD068 - Social Network Analysis: A Brief Introduction
Kimberly Fredericks
Sponsored By: Social Network Analysis TIG

CBD067 - Program Design: The New Frontier for Evaluators?
John Gargani
Sponsored By: Program Theory and Theory-Driven Evaluation TIG

September 2011
CBD066 - Fuzzy Logic Models
Matt Keene & Chris Metzner
Sponsored By: Program Theory and Theory-Driven Evaluation TIG

CBD065 - Western Michigan University
Chris Coryn & Jason Burkhardt
Sponsored By: Graduate Student and New Evaluator TIG

CBD064 - Measuring Institutional Capacity for Sustainability: A Tool to Consider
Mark Bardini
Sponsored By: Organizational Learning-Evaluation Capacity Building TIG

CBD063 - Data Screening: Don't Leave Home Without It
Dale Berger
Sponsored By: Quantitative Methods: Theory and Design TIG

CBD062 - Easy as Prezi: A PowerPoint Alternative
Lyn Paleo
Sponsored By: Data Visualization and Reporting TIG

August 2011
CBD061 - Designing Casual Loop Diagrams
Jeff Wasbes
Sponsored By: Systems in Evaluation TIG

CBD060 - Claremont Graduate University
Stewart Donaldson & John Lavelle
Sponsored By: Graduate Student and New Evaluator TIG

CBD059 - Construct Validity of Race & Its Impact on the Quality of Research
Kelly Robertson & Diane Rogers
Sponsored By: Multiethnic Issues in Evaluation TIG

July 2011
CBD058 - University of California, Los Angeles
Tina Christie & Lisa Dillman
Sponsored by: The Graduate Student and New Evaluator TIG

CBD057 - Miradi Software: Tools, Guidance, and a Common Language for Evaluating Conservation Actions
Nick Salafsky
Sponsored by: Environmental Program Evaluation TIG

June 2011
CBD056 - Culturally Responsive Evaluation
Maurice Samuels & Erika Taylor
Sponsored by: Multiethnic Issues in Evaluation TIG

CBD055 - Using Remark Web Survey for Online Data Collection & Analysis 
Steve Joslin


CBD054 - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 
Jennifer Greene & Ayesha Boyce
Sponsored By: Graduate Student and New Evaluator TIG

CBD053 - What Story Does your Model Tell? 
Lisa Wyatt Knowlton & Cynthia Phillips

CBD052 - Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Health and Human Services Programs 
Edward Broughton

May 2011
CBD051 – Effective Alternatives to a Final Report 
Kylie Hutchinson
Sponsored By: Data Visualization and Reporting TIG

CBD050 - Measurement & Analysis: The Missing Link
Kathy McKnight

CBD049 - Fewer Errors, Faster Results: Automating Tables and Reports 
Humphrey Costello, Reese Jenniges & Eric Canen

April 2011
CBD048 - Involving Stakeholders in Data Analysis & Interpretation 
Tobi Mae Lippin, Kristin Bradley-Bull & Tom McQuiston
Sponsored By: The Collaborative, Participatory, and Empowerment TIG

CBD047 - Utilization-Focused Evaluation 
Michael Quinn Patton
Sponsored By: Evaluation Use TIG

CBD046 - What are Nonparametric Statistics and When Do You Use Them? 
Jennifer Catrambone

CBD045 - The New - and Improved - Advocacy Progress Planner 
David Devlin-Foltz and Alexandra Toma
Sponsored By: Advocacy and Policy Change TIG

March 2011
CBD044 - Collaborative Evaluation 
Rita O'Sullivan and Liliana Rodriguez-Campos
Sponsored By: Collaborative, Participatory, and Empowerment TIG

CBD043 - Participatory Evaluation 
Ann Zukoski and Mia Luluquisen
Sponsored By: Collaborative, Participatory, and Empowerment TIG

CBD042 - Empowerment Evaluation 
David Fetterman and Abraham Wandersman
Sponsored By: Collaborative, Participatory, and Empowerment TIG

February 2011
CBD041 - Using Remark Office OMR for Scanning and Analysis of Paper Forms 
Nora Petchkofski

CBD040 - Adding the LGBT Response Option to Questionnaires 
Joe Heimlich
Sponsored By: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Issues TIG

CBD039 - Developing Evaluation Reports That Are Useful, User-friendly, and Used
Tamara Walser
Sponsored By: Data Visualization and Reporting TIG

CBD038 - Submitting an AEA Conference Proposal (Available to all)
Susan Kistler

January 2011
CBD037 - Photo Journaling for Evaluation 
David Urias & Olga Pierrakos

CBD036 - Evaluating Data Visualizations 
Steve Fleming

December 2010
CBD034 - Path to AEA Leadership 
Stan Capela

October 2010
CBD032 - Leveraging MAPAS to Examine Census Data for Evaluation 
Jeremy Pyne

CBD031 - Tracking Reader Clicks to Evaluate Communications 
Susan Kistler

CBD030 - Tips for Having Your Evaluation Influence Government Policy 
George Grob
Sponsored By: Government Evaluation TIG 

September 2010
CBD029 - Using PhotoVoice to Engage Stakeholders in Empowerment Evaluations
Kimberly Kay Lopez

CBD027 - Evaluation Surveys Using SurveyGizmo 
Mario Lurig 

August 2010
CBD026 - Ten Tips for Making the Most of the Annual Conference 
Susan Kistler

CBD025 - New Approaches to Reporting Evaluation Findings 
Eric Graig
Sponsored By: Evaluation Use TIG

CBD024 - Using Universal Design To Make Your Evaluation More Accessible To People With Disabilities and Other Vulnerable Populations 
Jennifer Sullivan Sulewski
Sponsored By: Disabilities and Other Vulnerable Populations TIG

July 2010
CBD023 - You + Graphic Design = Love/Money/Happiness 
Stephanie Evergreen
Sponsored By: Evaluation Use TIG

CBD022 - Three Ways MyM&E Can Help You in Your Work in Development Evaluation 
Marco Segone
Sponsored By: IOCE, UNICEF and DevInfo

CBD021 - New Member Orientation 
Susan Kistler

June 2010
CBD020 - Tools and Tips for Teaching Evaluation Concepts to Non-evaluators 
Ellen Taylor-Powell
Sponsored By: Extension Education Evaluation TIG

CBD019 - Surveymonkey and Zoomerang: How Do You Choose Which One to Use?
Lois Ritter and Tessa Robinette
Sponsored By: Integrating Technology Into Evaluation TIG

CBD018 - Introduction to Using Geographic Information Systems for Evaluation 
Duncan Meyers

May 2010
CBD017 - Using Wordle for Qualitative Data Exploration, Idea Generation, and Reporting 
SaraJoy Pond and Susan Kistler

CBD016 - What Works in Education: The Research Design Standards of the What Works Clearinghouse 
Neil Seftor
Sponsored By: PreK-12 Educational Evaluation TIG

CBD015 - What Works in Education: Using the What Works Clearinghouse Website
Scott Cody
Sponsored By: PreK-12 Educational Evaluation TIG

CBD014 - Making the Most of Your Membership for Graduate Students and Novice Evaluators 
Susan Kistler
Sponsored By: Graduate Student and New Evaluators TIG 

April 2010
CBD013 - Data in, Brilliance Out with Tableau 
Nina Potter

CBD012 - Using Google Earth for Evaluation: Applications in Environmental Evaluation and Beyond 
Juan Paulo Ramirez
Sponsored By: Environmental Program Evaluation TIG

CBD011 - Moving Beyond Bullets: Making Presentation Slides Compelling 
John Nash

CBD010 - Using Google Wave for Improved Communication with Colleagues and Stakeholders 
Stephanie Evergreen


March 2010
CBD009 - Using the Advocacy Progress Planner 
Lisa Molinaro and Astrid Hendricks
Sponsored By: Advocacy & Policy Change and Nonprofits & Foundations TIGs

CBD008 - Using AEA's Resources to Find Jobs and Contracts 
Susan Kistler 

February 2010
CBD006 - Using Jing for Teaching and Learning 
Theresa Murphrey
Sponsored By: Teaching of Evaluation TIG

CBD005 - Tools for Evaluation Teaching and Training: Approaches to Introducing the Concept of Evaluation 
José María Díaz Puente and Michael Newman
Sponsored By: Teaching of Evaluation TIG

CBD004 - Submitting an AEA Conference Proposal 
Susan Kistler

January 2010
CBD003 - Using Many Eyes for Data Visualization 
Leslie Goodyear

CBD002 - Using the Fantastic Five Checklist to Write Better Survey Questions and Improve Survey Reliability 
Amy Germuth

CBD001 - Building Stakeholder-Friendly Visual Logic Models With DoView 2.0 
Paul Duignan

Recording Coming Soon!
CBD101: Making Evaluation Findings “Actionable” to Improve Practice - Natalie Wilkins & Jennifer Lockman
Scheduled: Thursday, June 21, 2012, 2:00 - 2:20 PM EDT

Making sure evaluation findings and lessons learned are used to improve practice is a challenge many evaluators face. This webinar will describe a four-step framework that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Division of Violence Prevention has begun to use for making important (but sometimes inaccessible) research and evaluation findings “actionable” to improve practice. A brief case study example from a suicide prevention evaluation will also be presented to illustrate how the framework can be used to turn evaluation findings into concrete, actionable tools to support practice.