For Presenters

Coffee Break

Coffee Break Demonstrations are short, 20-minute, free webinars on tools or topics of interest to evaluators.

The Basics

Each presentation is 10 minutes in length within a 20-minute webinar. The full 20 minutes is divided into 2 minutes of intro from a staff moderator, 10 minutes of presentation, and 8 minutes of questions posed by the moderator based on questions typed in from attendees. 
Presenters must call in from a landline telephone.
Each presentation needs to be concrete and visually-rich, showing at a minimum a high-quality slide deck, but potentially supplemented by online resources, etc. The attendees do not see the speaker, and thus the content must be very well planned-out and presented. But don’t be intimidated – it’s only 10 minutes!
Our webinar platform is based on screen-sharing, so the attendees will see exactly what is on the presenter’s screen. She or he can show a powerpoint presentation, demonstrate software, explore a website, etc.
The final runs are on Thursdays at 2:00 Eastern.
We also schedule a trial run with each person approximately two weeks in advance. The scheduling is flexible for the trial runs. The speaker should be 100% prepared for the trial and plan to give the presentation as she or he intends to do during the final run. We’ll check for length, ensure that the facilitator is comfortable with the technology, and coach a bit around focus, ensuring that the content and timing work well.

The Tips

Getting In The Lineup

We recruit Coffee Break presenter from two avenues:

1. On conference proposal forms. We ask proposers to check a box indicating their interest in presenting a Coffee Break and then follow up post conference. So check the box!  

2. Through TIGs. Contact your TIG leaders to let them know you have webinar material you’d like to present. Their sponsorship of your presentation will also help raise its visibility.