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Designing evaluation indicators to assess the impact of policy advocacy in a low-resource setting: experiences from Uganda

POSTER: The Advocacy for Better Health Project is a five-year initiative (June 2014–May 2019) funded by the US Agency for International Development (USAID) with an estimated budget of US$20 million. The project’s goal is to improve the quality, accessibility, and availability of health and...

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Eval14 Expanding the evaluation lens: How to include policy assessment in your evaluation

Legislation and policy are valuable strategies for social change, since these population-based interventions often outlast funding and program cycles. As a result, policies and governance documents are adopted and implemented in typical evaluation contexts, including health, education and human...

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Eval14: From Headlines to Sparklines: Using Media Tracking in a Real World Context (AEA 2014)

Have you been hoping to add media tracking to your evaluation toolkit? Have you wondered how it can fit into policy and advocacy evaluation? This demonstration session will showcase how media tracking was used in a developmental policy evaluation that examines the placement of early childhood...

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AEA 2014: Evaluating Digital and Social Media to Advance Policy Advocacy and Policy Change

Digital and social media strategies (D/SM) are increasingly being used by organizations in the social sector as a way to advance advocacy and policy change goals. As a field, we continue to explore how to measure the impact of D/SM strategies on longer-term goals such as shifts in the public...

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The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development's Experience with Policy Dialogue in Ukraine

This evaluation looks at the extent to which the EBRD has been able to contribute to reform in Ukraine through dialogue with the Government alongside its investment and technical cooperation activities. Five case studies (power and energy, financial sector, grain sector, energy efficiency and...

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Assessing the Quality of Local-Level Obesity Prevention Policies: Lessons from Measuring the Strength and Comprehensiveness of Policy Language

The Missouri Foundation for Health currently funds an evaluation of a multi-site obesity prevention initiative. Projects implement physical activity and healthy eating components, including a policy/advocacy component. This paper discusses the application of PolicyLift, a comprehensive, evidence...

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Retrospective 'Outcome harvesting': Generating robust insights about a global voluntary environmental network

This paper describes the use of the Outcome Harvesting approach to evaluate a global voluntary network. It is the second paper published as part of the BetterEvaluation writeshop series. The authors are Kornelia Rassmann, Richard Smith, John Mauremootoo and Ricardo Wilson-Grau. The reviewers...