All TIGs & Communities

Topical Interest Groups (TIGs) are subgroups of the association comprised of members with common interests. TIGs may be formed around methodologies such as Needs Assessment, around work contexts such as Government Evaluation, around salient concerns such as Feminist Issues, or around professional status such as Independent Consultants. AEA currently supports 60+ TIGS in their pursuit evaluation best practices within their topic area.

AEA members who are actively involved in TIGs receive greater value out of their membership. The TIG community is valuable way to remain connected to topic, specialty, or methodology while working independently to improve programs. In addition, TIGs help the AEA education team build the Evaluation Conference schedule, giving TIGs real influence in the teaching of evaluation.

Although there is no limit of how many TIGs you can join, we recommend you limit your membership to five in order to maintain appropriate involvement.