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Eval14 Expanding the evaluation lens: How to include policy assessment in your evaluation 

10-27-2014 18:50

Legislation and policy are valuable strategies for social change, since these population-based interventions often outlast funding and program cycles. As a result, policies and governance documents are adopted and implemented in typical evaluation contexts, including health, education and human services. These written policies can be a valuable source of data when evaluating large-scale initiatives or assessing complex programs; however, policy assessment is a useful tool often overlooked in evaluation. Using a statewide anti-bullying initiative as an example, this interactive session will center around three key steps for evaluating written policies. The workshop will provide a basic overview of policy assessment, offering participants the opportunity to code, score, and compare policies against a gold standard. Participants will understand how conducting a systematic, multidimensional policy assessment can provide new information that other evaluation methods may not reveal.

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Presentation of policy assessment workshop by Kari Greene
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