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Eval12 Session 317: Leveraging Evaluability Assessment in Higher Education Settings as a Diagnostic Tool to Improve Learning Interventions and Make Evaluation Studies More Useable

ABSTRACT To what extent can the underlying logic of interventions within higher education settings be made explicit to multiple stakeholders? This session demonstrates how a diagnostic tool, known as evaluability assessment (EA), can be leveraged to capture the conceptualization and logical structure (aka: program theory) embedded within academic programs

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Eval11 Session 492: Evaluators and Institution Researchers Working Together to Understand Student Success in Learning Communities

Presentation for Evaluation 2011, from Session 492 - Methods I: New Approaches to Assessment in Higher Education - Currently, institutional research (IR) offices in community colleges nationwide are collecting and reporting on extensive data sets

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Focus Search - Develop, publishing, and utilize annual reports, dashboards, and storyboards for communication with all stakeholders.Evaluators and Institution Researchers Working Together to Understand Student Success in Learning Communities Amelia Maynard and Sally Francis University of Minnesota The Evaluation Group at ICI The Evaluation Group at ICI 1 Evaluation in higher education Case study of Learning Communities Evaluation Implications for evaluators Overview of Presentation The Evaluation Group at ICI 2 Data requests and reporting Internal External Mandatory (federal and state) Voluntary (Petersons, CollegeBoard) Evaluations Institutional Research (IR) Responsibilities The Evaluation Group at ICI 3 External vs

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Session 161 AEA 2013 - Harnessing Big Data in Higher Education - Evaluators as Data Scientists

This handout summarizes the key points presented in this session along with references and links to documentation. #highereducation #bigdata


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Return on Investment: Can we Provide a New Perspective for Education Impact Evaluations-Roundtable Materials

Slides and handout from 2015 AEA presentation #highereducation #CostsEffectivenessBenefitsandEconomics #2015Conference #cost

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Focus Search - Cost Analysis in Higher Education Roundtable slides

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Eval12 Session 963: Developing Internationally Engaged Scientists and Engineers: A Multi-faceted Evaluation to Inform Programmatic Decisions

This paper summarizes key points from Abt Associates' evaluation of the National Science Foundation's (NSF) International Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Program (IRFP). The program supports early career U.S. scientists and engineers to spend 9 to 24 months pursuing a postdoctoral fellowship...

AEA Govt NSF International Fellowships_uploaded.pdf