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Eval12 Session 317: Leveraging Evaluability Assessment in Higher Education Settings as a Diagnostic Tool to Improve Learning Interventions and Make Evaluation Studies More Useable 

10-22-2012 19:43

ABSTRACT To what extent can the underlying logic of interventions within higher education settings be made explicit to multiple stakeholders? This session demonstrates how a diagnostic tool, known as evaluability assessment (EA), can be leveraged to capture the conceptualization and logical structure (aka: program theory) embedded within academic programs. Participants will learn about EA and observe how it generates practical graphic models of how a learning intervention works; guides question formation for formative or summative purposes; and, informs the design of useable evaluation(s) that capture varying levels of impact. Participants are walked through a “real time” application of EA at the course level to learn how to discern the extent, to which an intervention’s goals, objectives, and intended outcomes connect with one another, as well as its alignment to knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) needed in society (e.g., critical thinking), and specific competencies employers seek (e.g., effective communication skills).

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