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Eval11 Poster 55: Visualizing Significance 

11-01-2011 10:28

Which criteria should be used to select higher performing schools? The assessment of statistical significance helps researchers summarize the evidence against a null hypothesis. However, it is not always a simple task to discern the true meaning or value of the results of null hypothesis significance testing to a research study. This poster will focus on visual explanations of the meaning of statistical significance and offer guidance on why one might choose a particular significance level. In addition, the relationship between statistical significance and confidence intervals, and the trade-offs inherent in choosing a significance level, power, and sample size in the context of variability and the determined level of practical significance will be illustrated. Examples will be based on a value-added model which attempts to identify schools that stand out on measured student achievement.

#confidenceinterval #practicalsignificance #SGPANEL #falsepositive #datavisualization #HLM #Mathematics #SGPLOT #effectsize #Texas #DataVisualizationandReporting #LOESS #higherperformingschool #multilevel #valueadded #2011Conference #Prek-12EducationalEvaluation #statisticalsignificance #standarderror #middleschool #power #SAS

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