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AEA 2013, Panel Session 692, Evaluating Innovation and Impact in Social Enterprise: Current Methods and Future Directions

The operating environment of programs aiming to impact social conditions is changing

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Focus Search - Evolution of Approaches to Measure Impact in Social v2.pptx

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Eval11 Session 225: Evaluating Community Engagement Using Social Media and the Web

Abstract: Social media use is growing among organizations seeking to have social impact. Social media is becoming a well-established platform for community engagement, yet we are still in the early stages of understanding how best to evaluate the effectiveness and impact of online and social media efforts, which often require going beyond traditional evaluation methods and technologies

AEA2011_EvaluatingEngagement_FINAL_for AEA.pdf

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2016 AEA New Approaches to the Design and Evaluation of Global Programs to End Modern Slavery: Establishing an Evidence Base and Understanding What Works

Three presentations to AEA 2016 Conference (Session ID: 2280) - New Approaches to the Design and Evaluation of Global Programs to End Modern Slavery: Establishing an Evidence Base and Understanding What Works #SocialImpact #Eval2016 #HumanRights #AEA2016Conference #FreetheSlaves ...

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Focus Search - Data Analytics in Modern Slavery - Social Impact (Bruce and van der Wink)

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Introduction to Outcome Mapping workshop 2013

Slides from the 2013 AEA professional development workshop: Introduction to Outcome Mapping: A framework for considering complexity, relationships and context in monitoring and evaluating social change. By Kaia Ambrose and Simon Hearn #QualitativeMethods #AdvocacyandPolicyChange ...

aea slides for sharing1.pptx

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Eval10 Session 213: Engaging Social Justice in a Graduate Course on Program Evaluation

The purpose of this roundtable will be to share how issues of social justice are intentionally woven into a graduate course on program evaluation theory. The substance of what is taught, as well as the pedagogy of how it is taught, will aim to expose students to social justice as it relates to...


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Eval12 Session 532: Longitudinal Data for Department Assessment: Recruitment, Retention, and Social Capital

This paper’s purpose is to describe an innovative longitudinal survey to advance the validity of evaluation efforts for disciplines in higher education institutions that are under pressure to increase the vocational aspects of their programs. A lack of understanding about how majors search for...


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Eval2015 Session 2790: Reciprocity in Research: Using a Social Justice Framework to Balance Evaluator and Community Needs

Working with vulnerable populations raises questions of reciprocity: as evaluators, we acquire information from communities, but what are we giving back? In this session, the presenter will demonstrate how a community consultation was structured in a way that not only collected data from...

Eval2015-Reciprocity in Research.pptx