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Eval12 Session 532: Longitudinal Data for Department Assessment: Recruitment, Retention, and Social Capital 

10-19-2012 12:05

This paper’s purpose is to describe an innovative longitudinal survey to advance the validity of evaluation efforts for disciplines in higher education institutions that are under pressure to increase the vocational aspects of their programs. A lack of understanding about how majors search for and secure jobs, and the kind of social connections that help them in this process, can result in departments losing majors to more vocationally-oriented programs. In order to provide nationally-representative (and department) information that can be used to evaluate success in preparing majors for the job market, the American Sociological Association (ASA) is conducting a longitudinal survey of 10,000 senior sociology majors prior to graduation, shortly afterward, and one year later to learn what skills they have mastered, what connections they use for job searches, and whether the jobs they obtain reflect sociological skills. This method can be adopted by other disciplinary societies and university consortiums.

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