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AEA 2013, Panel Session 692, Evaluating Innovation and Impact in Social Enterprise: Current Methods and Future Directions 

10-14-2013 15:00

The operating environment of programs aiming to impact social conditions is changing. Initiatives that address education, health, community development, and safety face funding challenges due to a struggling economy. Post-funding sustainability is a concern. Social enterprise, which combines the private sector's results-driven orientation with nonprofit- and public-sector emphasis on social value, is receiving increased attention as a new model to supplement traditional government and philanthropic programs. This emerging, cross-sector hybrid challenges us to create new evaluation frameworks that build on existing models and innovative approaches developed within the public and philanthropic organizations. This panel presentation briefly describes the current status and challenges in evaluating social enterprise; ponders ways current government performance systems can adapt to embrace hybrid models, discusses how hybrid organizations might be included to measure collective impact toward a social change objective, and discusses how public health can meet the evaluation challenges for social impact investments

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