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Eval 2016 Presentation: Exploring Essentials of Culturally Responsive Evaluation Design Among Independent Consultants

This presentation touches on matters to address in evaluation design and program delivery intended to be culturally responsive

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Focus Search - Norma: CDC’s framework for program evaluation in public health shows multiple processes in evaluation where one can find opportunities for culturally responsive design

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Eval16 - Are We There Yet? Applying Rapid Cycle Learning Methods to Evaluation within a Foundation’s Program Design

In this panel presentation we discussed: 1) How RWJF shifted its evaluation focus from accountability to learning and prioritized rapid cycle learning (RCL); 2) How the evaluation team worked with RWJF to plan for and integrate RCL tools; and 3) How integrating RCL within the design phase positioned RWJF for learning during program implementation

AEA 2016_RCL panel slides 11.20.2016_FINAL.pdf

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Navigational Map: Four Quadrants

I developed it to display where purpose and intent place conceptually—and, once oriented—individuals have a clearer notion of how to proceed with an evaluation of their intervention, or research design and/or assessment design. It’s not unusual for an investigation of an intervention to be a hybrid of two quadrants, especially within educational settings—for example, an experimental or quasi-experimental design that incorporates an “assessment tool” (e.g. rubric) to measure learning gains attributed to an instructional strategy (e.g. mentoring techniques, e-portfolio, problem-based learning, etc.)

JHSingh_2.9.2012_Navigational Map.pdf

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Evaluation Critique on the VHA's mental health care program

Discussion: This work was designed to assess whether VA program helps veteran restore themselves physically & mentally and improve their lives

evaluation critique_final-AMA_.pdf