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Evaluation Critique on the VHA's mental health care program 

12-08-2012 17:05

This is critique on the program evaluation for VHS's mental health care program. Discussion: This work was designed to assess whether VA program helps veteran restore themselves physically & mentally and improve their lives. This was seemingly suitable to the program since the goal of evaluation nominally coincides with that of program. The actual result of the evaluation, however, seems to be oriented to the measurability of performances rather than the quality of VA’s service. The analysis for quality of health care service depended on the veteran survey. If we consider the generous tendency of veterans upon the survey, it may overstate the performances. In addition, even if family members play a pivotal part in improving the quality of veterans’ life, they were left out in the process of research. The same story at Vet Centers (VCs). There are 134 nationwide VCs serving for Readjustment Counseling. Although they should have been taken into account as a separate component of the VA, it didn’t do that. Except for medical treatment there are many other programs intended for improving veterans’ lives such as transitional or long-term housing in community-based program, employment assistance and residential treatment. Those were also skipped for the sake of measurability. In conclusion, whether or not it was intended, there was kind of discrepancy between the goal of evaluation and that of program.

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