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A New Model for Engaging Under-Represented High School Students in STEM Using Popular Media and Technology: Lessons from the PAC-Involved Evaluation 

11-05-2015 09:57

Poster for AEA2015 To engage “Internet Generation” (born post-2000) students in STEM, we need new pedagogical models. For the PAC (Physics, Astronomy, and Cosmology)-Involved pilot project, we developed and tested an innovative learning model to engage under-represented high school students in STEM using networked computing, popular media, and information technologies. We share the theoretical and research streams that led to choosing this approach for the pilot design. We also cover nuts and bolts issues, such as strategies to select popular media, encourage student participation, and communicate with parents. Next, we present evaluation findings: What was successful? What did not work as expected? What needs to change? We compare and contrast the original program logic model with the enhanced theoretical model incorporating evaluation findings. We encourage participants to discuss their ideas for future improvements, spread, and evaluation of the model to benefit more students and ultimately diversify the pipeline of students in STEM careers.

#studentengagement #STEM #formativeevaluation #EvaluationUse #theory #ProgramDesign #innovation

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