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Navigational Map: Four Quadrants 

02-09-2012 16:52

There’s much ambiguity about what constitutes evaluation and research. A major reason why is that they share common tools, approaches, and designs—but, purposes differ. This "Navigational Map" has four major quadrants to differentiate: 1) research, 2) evaluation research, 3) assessment (within education settings) and 4) program evaluation from each other. I developed it to display where purpose and intent place conceptually—and, once oriented—individuals have a clearer notion of how to proceed with an evaluation of their intervention, or research design and/or assessment design. It’s not unusual for an investigation of an intervention to be a hybrid of two quadrants, especially within educational settings—for example, an experimental or quasi-experimental design that incorporates an “assessment tool” (e.g. rubric) to measure learning gains attributed to an instructional strategy (e.g. mentoring techniques, e-portfolio, problem-based learning, etc.). This can considered evaluation research because it’s initiated by the investigator and seeks to contribute to generalizable knowledge.

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