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Assessing Readiness for a "Culture of Learning" in Higher Educatoin Institutions

This paper examines ways of assessing organizational readiness for the kind of learning-organization environment that features an institution-wide, ongoing, highly valued system for using student learning outcome data in curriculum design

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Eval11 Session 218: Knowledge Flow: Valuing this element of the evaluation process

"The flow of knowledge is woven into the fabric of organizational learning. It ties evaluative thinking to better performance. The most effective way for an organization to do better is to value that flow." To knowledgeably evaluate, the organization must evaluate its knowledge. Integrated...

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Eval12 Poster 135: Knowledge Flow: A Continuous Force in Effective Evaluation

The term Knowledge Flow represents the dynamic creation and exchange of organizational knowledge across groups, levels, and knowledge forms. This study investigated six exemplary organizations that systematically incorporated knowledge flow into their evaluative decisions. The study...

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GCSC and Evaluative Thinking

"Not a Member of the Project Core Team? But We Need Your Evaluative Feedback!" This is a presentation (#602) at the AEA 2013 27th Annual Conference in Washington, DC. The presenters are sharing their experiences about how evaluative thinking became a way of life for the Greater Cincinnati STEM...

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Case Study Methods for Evaluators - Materials from SI10

Session Description: Case Study Methods allow evaluators to approach program assessment from a powerful and flexible design palette. While often heavily steeped in the use of qualitative methods, case studies also may include the use of quantitative data. The approach is particularly rich for...

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Focus Search - Does Wake County Cooperative Extension Service really reflect the characteristics of a learning organization? X X X a

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Eval11 Session 218: Evolution of learning: Positioning evaluation within a comprehensive performance management system

In recent years the concept of performance management (PM) has become omnipresent in sectors as diverse as transportation, international aid, and education. Although both PM and evaluation share the core concepts of improving organizational learning and practice, in practice, systems of PM have...