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Eval12 Poster 135: Knowledge Flow: A Continuous Force in Effective Evaluation  

01-02-2013 14:15

The term Knowledge Flow represents the dynamic creation and exchange of organizational knowledge across groups, levels, and knowledge forms. This study investigated six exemplary organizations that systematically incorporated knowledge flow into their evaluative decisions. The study operationalizes leadership and cultural conditions that encourage front-line workers delivering a product or service to contribute to a knowledge platform of shared thoughts, processes, and materials. Noted were activities that made tacit knowledge explicit, challenged existing ways, and focused on organizational learning, strategic operations, and mission outcomes. These front-line knowledge-related activities were found: leaders sought reflective input, procedures and devices conveyed knowledge, the culture dispelled fear of reprisal, and teams were ubiquitous. Also identified was the promotion of evaluative thinking and grooming of individuals to expand the distribution of organizational knowledge. Operationalization of this complex local ecology enables more discerning analysis of organizational knowledge assets which leads to securing evaluation efforts in real-time practice.

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