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Eval11 Session 218: Knowledge Flow: Valuing this element of the evaluation process 

11-06-2011 00:34

"The flow of knowledge is woven into the fabric of organizational learning. It ties evaluative thinking to better performance. The most effective way for an organization to do better is to value that flow." To knowledgeably evaluate, the organization must evaluate its knowledge. Integrated knowledge management systems are considered crucial to sustainable evaluation practice that builds organizational learning capacity. Preskill & Boyle (2008) elaborate that a mature system, with the ability to 'create, capture, store, and disseminate evaluation-related data and documents as well as processes, procedures, and lessons learned from evaluation efforts' enables the organization to hone their evaluation efforts. This presentation will take an in-depth look at select Knowledge Management System (KMS) research regarding the characteristics of knowledge that feed organizational learning. Specific knowledge components include Polanyi's (1966) early work regarding tacit and explicit knowledge; Nonaka's (1994) theory of knowledge creation; several models of productive KMS combinations at the individual, group, and organizational levels; and the often-intangible role of the functions and junctions of knowledge transfer, diffusion, and complex adaptivity as facilitators of organizational learning.

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