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These pages are intended to provide TIG members and other page visitors with brief guides and resource collections oriented toward the new evaluator experience. This page summarizes ways to get involved with the TIG and the greater AEA community. Keep an eye on this space for links to other resource pages! 

Resources for Students and New Professionals - resources intended to help you through your graduate degree program and during the transition to the field of professional evaluation.
GSNE TIG and AEA Resources - ways to get involved with the Graduate Students and New Evaluators TIG, the AEA, and its regional affiliates.
Job Search Resources - advice on finding a career in evaluation, and links to employment directories.
Introductions to Evaluation - overviews of evaluation as a field.
Evaluation in Practice - links to guides on specific evaluation practices, including methodological approaches and technical skills.
Conversations about Evaluation - advice on how to engage with the greater evaluation community, both inside and outside of AEA.