About GSNE

Our Mission 
The mission of the AEA Graduate Student and New Evaluator (GSNE) TIG is to develop activities for, and represent the interests of, AEA members who are completing graduate degrees and/or new to the field of evaluation.  The intent is to foster communication and networking among graduate students, new evaluators, interested faculty, recent graduates, potential employers, and other AEA members who wish to support the interests our TIG.  It is believed that these activities will:

  • expand knowledge and awareness of AEA, its mission, and active use of the Guiding Principles for Evaluators, and lead to growth of the American Evaluation Association; 
  • provide heightened visibility for the evaluation profession; 
  • encourage diversity in the American Evaluation Association; and  
  • foster increased interest in the evaluation field.
Background of GSNE TIG
At the 1998 AEA Conference, some interest was expressed in establishing an AEA Graduate Student Association. A list was circulated at the AEA Board's Student Reception, and signed by 33 conference attendees. 

At the same time, David Bernstein organized a Doctoral Roundtable, the purpose of which was to allow doctoral students, faculty, and recent post-doctorates an opportunity to network and discuss their research interests. He felt it would be in AEA's best interest to foster and encourage doctoral student networking and participation, since doctoral students are a major potential contributor to the enhancement of evaluation practice and theory. With a rather large percentage of AEA's membership employed in academia, Mr. Bernstein thought the Doctoral Roundtable might, as a permanent organization, encourage and promote the benefits of long-term membership in AEA, and provide the Association with a focus for developing the next generation of evaluation academics. A second annual AEA Doctoral Roundtable is scheduled. 

Since then, the Graduate student Association has grown into the new Graduate Student and New Evaluator (GSNE) TIG to connect all graduate students, new evaluators, and other AEA TIGs together.