Journal Club

GSNE Special Topic Journal Club:
Anti-racist Evaluation & Social change
Contact: Olivia Szendey, for comments, questions, and concerns. 

About: GSNE presents a targeted journal club on anti-racist evaluation and social change. This broad-aimed group will work to discuss, learn, and engage with various articles related to building anti-racist evaluation practices and evaluation’s place in movements of social change.  This group will primarily focus on issues in the U.S. context but will occasionally engage with international perspectives as well. 

Target audience: This group is aimed at novice evaluators and graduate students looking to expand their knowledge and engage in issues related to evaluation’s place in creating an anti-racist society and as well as how to practice anti-racist evaluation and research. For each article, we will engage with what we are learning AND how we can apply this knowledge to our own evaluation work. 

Format: This group will meet virtually synchronous over zoom 1-2 times a month. We will focus on one journal article each month and the first session of every month will involve a semi-structured discussion on that article. Depending on the size of the group breakout rooms will be used to ensure small discussions with high-participation. We will invite the author to attend for a second q&a session. If the author is interested in attending, then we will have a second session for the month. Specific dates and times have not been decided yet. There is space on the signup sheet to list availability so that we can select a time that meets the needs of as many interested participants as possible. 

Signup: Click here to sign up or copy and paste this link into your browser.

More information on the first article and group norms is provided in the signup sheet. Please fill out the signup sheet to indicate your interest in the group and availability. Please email Olivia Szendey if you have any further questions.