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Evaluation Conference 2016 session: Human Systems Dynamics and Developmental Evaluation: Exploring the intersection of two approaches to evaluating the Creative CityMaking Project

This is the PowerPoint deck from our session on the use of HSD and DE in the evaluation of an arts-based community development initiative in Minneapolis, MN #CreativeCityMaking #HumanSystemsDynamics #developmentalevaluation

AEA CCM presentation.pptx

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Eval16_From Process Mapping to Intake Doc: Devise Customized Tools that Connect Evaluation Practice to Services Delivered

Evaluation consultants run small businesses, yet most have little to no experience. Typically, we are social scientists by trade who need to build our business muscle. This skill building workshop guides participants in developing tools to simplify and automatize business processes. We’ll sketch...

Process Mapping-Intake Doc_Presentation_AEA 2016_notes.pdf

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Evolution of Evaluation Capacity Building in a Network

This panel presented results from a research study about evaluation capacity building in the NISE Net, a national network supporting informal education about nanoscience. The panel format included brief presentations by three panelists followed by two discussants. The panelists presented (1)...

2015 AEA CASNET combined slides.pptx

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What is a System Story? How Do I Create One? How Do I Use One?

Evaluators often work in complex situations that are hard to describe. Traditional logic models have been the primary tools for wrapping our heads around program theory and context. However, in complex situations, these logic models quickly become so overcrowded with boxes and arrows that it is...

System Story AEA presentation.pptx

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More Than Just a Needs Assessment

It's subtle, but can you see the difference between these two evaluation questions? "What are the top needs of our stakeholders?" and "What are the best opportunities for our program?" The first calls for a traditional needs assessment. The second is what I call a "Needs Assessment Plus," which...

SWOT AEA presentation.pptx

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Theory Visualization: Integrating Findings from the PAC-Involved Evaluation into a Strategic Knowledge Map

Poster for AEA 2015Authors: Izolda Fotiyeva, Bernadette Wright, Ladel Lewis, & Steven E. WallisOur aim is to demonstrate a new conceptual systems science method to assess and compare program models/theories. Previous studies have applied Integrative Propositional Analysis to assess theories in...

poster theory visualization.pdf

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AEA 2014: 1024--Puzzles, problems and messes

Session: Puzzles, problems and messes: insights and reflections on generating evidence based principles from developmental and adaptive evaluation practice in innovative and complex settingsPresentation: Listening to stories of struggle and hope: Generating evidenced-based guiding principles for...

Murphy--AEA 2014--Puzzles and Principles.pdf

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AEA 14: Session 536. Comparing and Contrasting Alternative Approaches to Addressing Uncertainty from a Systems Perspective

Title: Using Developmental Evaluation to Address Uncertainty from a Systems PerspectiveAbstract 3: This presentation will discuss how three developmental evaluations addressed issues of uncertainty. The studies took place in different settings: (1) a University-based public/private partnership...

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