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Evolution of Evaluation Capacity Building in a Network 

11-23-2015 12:04

This panel presented results from a research study about evaluation capacity building in the NISE Net, a national network supporting informal education about nanoscience. The panel format included brief presentations by three panelists followed by two discussants. The panelists presented (1) the history, development, and context of the network surrounding the evaluation capacity building initiative; (2) the evaluation capacity building initiative and its implementation within the complex system of the NISE Net; and (3) a summary of the results of the initiative using case studies from two different levels of the network. The discussants will discuss (1) the relationships between the network system and evaluation capacity building and (2) the implications of the findings for the field of evaluation. The panel ended with the opportunity for attendees to raise questions or offer their own observations on evaluation capacity building in complex systems.

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