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Theory Visualization: Integrating Findings from the PAC-Involved Evaluation into a Strategic Knowledge Map 

11-05-2015 09:50

Poster for AEA 2015 Authors: Izolda Fotiyeva, Bernadette Wright, Ladel Lewis, & Steven E. Wallis Our aim is to demonstrate a new conceptual systems science method to assess and compare program models/theories. Previous studies have applied Integrative Propositional Analysis to assess theories in broad fields (e.g. scientific revolutions, policies, entrepreneurship, organizational learning). Here, we apply it to map findings from the evaluation of the PAC-Involved pilot, an innovative learning model to increase high school students’ engagement in STEM. This approach provides a transparent, collaborative way to assess the breadth and inter-connectedness of our theory, assess how it is improving, show what parts of our theory are evidence-supported, and identify options and leverage points for action and questions for future research.

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