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More Than Just a Needs Assessment 

11-18-2015 22:06

It's subtle, but can you see the difference between these two evaluation questions? "What are the top needs of our stakeholders?" and "What are the best opportunities for our program?" The first calls for a traditional needs assessment. The second is what I call a "Needs Assessment Plus," which I led for an environmental center in the University of Wisconsin-Extension in 2014. I'll report lessons learned about adapting traditional needs assessment into a hunt for opportunities in a vast and uncertain opportunity space. A few features I will explain include: the differences between an environmental scan, situational analysis, and needs assessment; how I mixed 5 different data collection methods; and the conceptual framework that put the analysis back in SWOT analysis. This evaluation was also participatory and fraught with political peril, but you'll have to ask me about those exemplary lessons learned at the bar.

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