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Eval12 Session 648: Evaluating Experiential Learning in Higher Education

Abstract: This roundtable will be hosted by evaluation team members of the Undergraduate Experiential Learning Project (UELP), funded by the Department of Education Fund for the Improvement of Post-Secondary Education (FIPSE), on “Linking Theory to Practice.”

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The Level 2 of Training Evaluation: A Case of Training the HEIs Staff in Pakistan

The case study is about the experience of the TESP M&E Unit of the evaluation of the trainings of HEIs staff in Pakistan

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From Problem to Prototype: Applying Design Thinking to Organizational Learning (Evaluation 2015, Session 1414)

Session 1414, Evaluation 2015: Design Thinking for Exemplary Evaluation: Three Examples of Design for Evaluation and Organizational Learning While the other presenters in the panel will describe the application of design thinking to program evaluation, this presentation will focus on a distinct but related topic: the use of design thinking for organizational learning in a foundation setting


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Evaluation and Strategy Learning Circles

They are from the presentation on Evaluation Learning Circles by Cohen Research & Evaluation, LLC, and the Comprehensive Health Education Foundation

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Focus Search - This forges group agreement about the nature, meaning, and expectations of the work

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Mobile Learning in Evaluation for Senior Decision-makers: Evaluation of an Innovative Capacity-building Initiative

Capacity-building in evaluation has tended to focus on program-level managers and staff ignoring the key role that senior leaders also play in using evaluation for making better decisions. However, informed decision-making and evidence-informed practice depend on senior decision-makers having a full understanding and appreciation of evaluation. How can we best maximize their use of evaluation in planning and decision-making while also capturing the attention of these extremely busy individuals? This session will present on the evaluation of a unique tablet-based mobile learning designed specifically for senior health leaders that incorporates elements of personalization and interactive gamification. We will report evaluation findings around usability, stakeholder preferences and use, and early indicators of the effectiveness of mobile learning as an evaluation capacity-building tool

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Empowering Non-profits through an Evaluation Learning Community

Assisting afterschool youth development programs to utilize evaluation to improve program quality and drive decision making through funding technology, developing shared metrics, and sharing findings in a peer learning environment

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Focus Search - Staff cares about me

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Mainstreaming Evaluation Into an Organization's Learning Culture (AEA 2001 session)

Where do evaluation and evaluative thinking show up in an 'organizational learning culture'? This presentation from AEA 2001 looks at the three different levels of organizational culture and asks, Where does evaluation fit into the concept of the learning organization? And, What have we learned from the research on organizational culture change that can help us figure out how best to embed evaluative thinking, evaluative practice, and evaluation systems, policies and tools into mainstream organizational life?