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Eval12 Poster 135: Knowledge Flow - A Continuous Force in Effective Evaluation

capacity. An organization can increase its...capacity by improving how systematic and...constitutes a genuine learning organization and...evaluation capacity by the yardstick of...evaluation capacity? #KnowledgeFlow

Knowledge Flow-A Continuous Force in Effective Evaluation2.pdf

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Eval11 Session 218: Knowledge Flow: Valuing this element of the evaluation process

the fabric of organizational learning. It...practice that builds organizational learning...capacity. Preskill & Boyle (2008) elaborate...feed organizational learning. Specific...learning. #knowledgecapacitylearning

KN Flow Anaheim 11 2 11.pptx

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Eval11 Session 306: Evaluation Use and Knowledge Translation: An Exchange for the Future

Expert Lecture Sponsored by the Presidential StrandChair - Gail Barrington, Barrington Research Group IncPresenter - Melanie Barwick, The Hospital for Sick ChildrenDiscussant - Daniel Stufflebeam, Western Michigan University #2011Conference #KnowledgeTranslation

Barwick Evaluation Use and Knowledge Translation v2.pdf