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Eval12 Session 348: A Framework for Evaluating Knowledge Transfer and Exchange in Public Health 

11-07-2012 13:31

Presentation given at the annual Conference 2012. Presentation Abstract: Public health practice is grounded on evidence-informed practice. However, efforts to bring evidence to practice (usually referred to as knowledge transfer and exchange or KTE) are hampered by disparate views on evidence, fledgling knowledge on how to package evidence for consumption and use, the complexity of the knowledge to action enterprise, and lack of evaluation support. In short, more evidence and tools are needed to support the planning, implementation, and evaluation of KTE. This presentation addresses the latter need, presenting a framework for the evaluation KTE in public health. The framework draws on the work of Carol Weiss, complexity theory, capacity building, and evaluation theory. It has been used in the evaluation of three public health projects. The presentation describes how the framework was used in each of these projects and how each of the projects helped to refine the framework – a complete knowledge to action, action to knowledge cycle.

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