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Case Study Methods for Evaluators - Materials from SI10

Session Description: Case Study...use of qualitative methods, case overview and examples of case study...of sample case studies, by the end of the...role of case study methods within the

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Focus Search - “case studies” • Case Study Methods (Stake

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Eval11 Session 257: Valuing Case Study Methods in Evaluating the Implementation of Educational Programs

presentations. Case study method has enormous...implementation studies of two school-based...execution of case study method can enhance the...implementation research can provide. Case study

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Focus Search - AEA 2011 SLC Case Study

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Eval12 Session 925: Success Case Method: Application in a CTSA Context

ecology. Case study methodologies (Yin and...outcomes. Case studies are also flexible and...(UIC CCTS) of how case studies are used to

Bates Johnson Success Case Study AEA 12 a.pptx