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Biesecker, G., & Girma-Holton, B. (2015). Building social-emotional learning evaluation capacity in an education nonprofit context.

Biesecker, G., & Girma-Holton, B. (2015, November). Strategic social-emotional learning evaluation capacity-building across multiple years. In G. Biesecker (Chair), Building social-emotional learning evaluation capacity in an education nonprofit context. Symposium conducted at the meeting of the...

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Eval 2016 - AaEA Pro Bono Program

Atlanta is home to many evaluation-focused institutions, including universities, consulting firms, large non-profits, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. By extension, the city draws both new and experienced evaluators. Meanwhile, Atlanta is also home to many small, mission...

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External Consultants Roles in US Federal Government Evaluation Design and Capacity Building

Presented by Jennifer Hamilton, Senior Study Director, Westat and David Bernstein, Senior Study Director, Westat. Opinions are our own. The majority of US federal government evaluations are conducted by external evaluators. However, conducting evaluations is just one of the roles that external...

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Evolution of Evaluation Capacity Building in a Network

This panel presented results from a research study about evaluation capacity building in the NISE Net, a national network supporting informal education about nanoscience. The panel format included brief presentations by three panelists followed by two discussants. The panelists presented (1)...

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Using Peer Feedback for Assessment Capacity-building

The authors describe a university's system for providing a peer review of learning outcomes assessment reports. Noting several valuable uses for the system and its rubric-structured feedback, the authors go on to provide aggregate data they are using to guide more focused assessment capacity...

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Mobile Learning in Evaluation for Senior Decision-makers: Evaluation of an Innovative Capacity-building Initiative

Capacity-building in evaluation has tended to focus on program-level managers and staff ignoring the key role that senior leaders also play in using evaluation for making better decisions. However, informed decision-making and evidence-informed practice depend on senior decision-makers having a...

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Eval 2014: Building the capacity of ministries, departments and agencies (MDAs) in Bauchi and Sokoto states Northern Nigeria in outcome monitoring of MNCH/FP/RH interventions using the LQAS technique

pdfs of poster presentation and handout Abstract Involving health and local government MDAs in evaluation and ensuring ownership of their MNCH/FP/RH interventions has been one of the challenges of monitoring and evaluation (M&E) in developing countries. The focus of most projects is on...

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Eval13 Session 718: Evaluative Thinking: Principles and Practices to Enhance Evaluation Capacity and Quality

In her 2007 presidential address to AEA, Hallie Preskill asked, "how do we build the capacity of individuals, teams, and organizations to think evaluatively and engage in evaluation practice?" Evaluative thinking (ET) is mentioned with increasing frequency in the evaluation literature-...

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Challenges in Capacity Building and How Technology Can Help

Successful capacity building faces three practical challenges: 1) collecting data timely and cheaply, 2) analyzing data and reporting results easily and efficiently, and 3) sustaining capacity after external experts leave. This demonstration will show how technology can be employed to address...

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