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Challenges in Capacity Building and How Technology Can Help 

10-19-2013 12:40

Successful capacity building faces three practical challenges: 1) collecting data timely and cheaply, 2) analyzing data and reporting results easily and efficiently, and 3) sustaining capacity after external experts leave. This demonstration will show how technology can be employed to address these challenges through two hypothetical scenarios and one real case. Scenario one shows how a foundation can easily create an online platform for multiple sites to enter and manage their own program data using open source software Moodle. Scenario two shows how the foundation can set up connection to the collected data through Microsoft Excel so that each site can conduct simple analysis of their own data in real time. Lastly, a gifted data system in the presenter's district will be demonstrated to show how data collection, advanced data analysis and reporting can be automated using SAS or other programing language such as R or SPSS.

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