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Community-Based Evaluation on Chicago's South Side: Evaluation in What Spike Lee Calls "Chiraq"

presenting at the poster session of AEA's 2015...evaluation lead for SCIENCES (Supporting a...creating a community-based evaluation team in...that have bolstered this evaluation

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Focus Search - #2348 presented at AEA 2015 in Chicago

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Eval12 Poster 32: iBioSketch - Track, Share, Compare: Evaluating Science Training Programs Using a Web-Based Career Tracking System

This poster, presented at the 2012 AEA...the efficacy of program evaluations by...across 32 programs at 12 different...interested in evaluating training grants that...Evaluations, Durham, NC #Collaborative

aea poster - 2012 - FINAL.pdf

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The Dilemma of Educational Evaluation Where China and America meets

educational policies at the recent turn of century...assessment and evaluation generated in respective...evaluation facing both countries