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The Challenges and Benefits of Creating a Program Theory Model for an NSF MSP Project: Perspectives from Program Stakeholders and from the External Evaluator

Poster presentation 279: Evaluation 2015 -- We look at the challenges and benefits of creating and using a fully articulated program theory model from the perspective of the PI and program stakeholders and from the external evaluator

CTTI AEA Conference Poster 2015 FINAL.pdf

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Community-Based Evaluation on Chicago's South Side: Evaluation in What Spike Lee Calls "Chiraq"

This is a PDF of poster #2348, presenting at the poster session of AEA's 2015 conference in Chicago. Here is the abstract: The evaluation lead for SCIENCES (Supporting a Community's Informal Education Needs: Confidence and Empowerment in STEM) will address the factors of the NSF-funded project that led the creating a community-based evaluation team in Chicago's Fuller Park neighborhood

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Focus Search - PDF of handout accompanying poster #2348 presented at AEA 2015 in Chicago

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The Dilemma of Educational Evaluation Where China and America meets

In the poster, the authors compares the educational policies at the recent turn of century of China and America and the trends in assessment and evaluation generated in respective policy contexts, challenges unique and shared. And point out the dilemma in educational evaluation facing both countries


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Addressing Diversity in Program Planning, Implementation and Evaluation of STEM Programs

This project was designed to 1) establish criteria for conducting a culturally responsive evaluation of STEM programs and 2) to establish criteria for assessing cultural responsiveness in STEM program planning. A secondary objective was to evaluate the relationship between points 1 and 2. We recruited staff from programs conducting evaluations throughout New York. As well as evaluators nationally that identified a concern with diversity issues in evaluation through membership with American Evaluation Association topical interest groups

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Eval12 Poster 32: iBioSketch - Track, Share, Compare: Evaluating Science Training Programs Using a Web-Based Career Tracking System

This poster, presented at the 2012 AEA Conference, provides an overview of the iBioSketch tool. iBioSketch is a customizable web application that tracks career progress for undergraduates, graduate students, and postdoctoral fellows in the biomedical sciences

aea poster - 2012 - FINAL.pdf

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Eval11 Session 144: Gender Empowerment in Basic Development Needs (BDN) Initiative

Poster background information from AEA Evaluation 2011: WHO /EMRO initiated Basic Development Needs (BDN) in diverse countries of the region following objectives: - Organising the community and building its capacity - Promoting self-management and self-reliance - Building relationships with different stakeholders Partnership was necessary between the community, facilitators, and technical support team

empowerment BDN 2.doc