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Community-Based Evaluation on Chicago's South Side: Evaluation in What Spike Lee Calls "Chiraq" 

11-09-2015 16:47

This is a PDF of poster #2348, presenting at the poster session of AEA's 2015 conference in Chicago. Here is the abstract: The evaluation lead for SCIENCES (Supporting a Community's Informal Education Needs: Confidence and Empowerment in STEM) will address the factors of the NSF-funded project that led the creating a community-based evaluation team in Chicago's Fuller Park neighborhood. After providing the rationale for the need, she will outline the steps required to move the idea of a community-based team into reality, including recruitment, training, contract, professional development, team-building, leadership, and ongoing support. Finally, she will speak to lessons learned form this experience— the enabling factors and the drivers that have bolstered this evaluation practice and continue to encourage her to want to further refine, develop, and replicate this model in future evaluations. She will also invite both SCIENCES Community Ambassadors (see below) to critically reflect on their involvement to date, providing suggestions for improvements and modifications that attendees can incorporate into their own work.

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PDF of poster #2348 presented at AEA 2015 in Chicago.
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