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Case Study Methods for Evaluators - Materials from SI10

Session Description: Case Study Methods allow evaluators to approach program assessment from a powerful and flexible design palette. While often heavily steeped in the use of qualitative methods, case studies also may include the use of quantitative data

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Eval11 Session 257: Valuing Case Study Methods in Evaluating the Implementation of Educational Programs

Case study method has enormous potential to inform evaluations of school- and district-based educational programs specifically, as the institution of public schools in the United States represents a unique and diverse structure that compels careful consideration of contextual limitations and opportunities. This session will draw on implementation studies of two school-based initiatives to illustrate how the choice and execution of case study method can enhance the rigor of education research, particularly in a climate of increasing accountability and pressure to produce improved academic outcomes

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Eval12 Session 925: Success Case Method: Application in a CTSA Context

Case study methodologies (Yin and Stake) and the Success Case Method (Brinkerhoff) are key approaches to exploring in depth and detail how the CTSA infrastructure supports improvement in clinical and translational research

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Eval11 Session 257: Rayyes and Barela: Case Studies of the Implementation of Small Learning Communities in Three Urban High Schools

In this study, we evaluated the implementation of small learning communities (SLCs) in a large urban K-12 school district. Using case study methods, we examined three unique high schools implementing their distinct SLC models guided by a district plan

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Eval12 Session 961: Using Social Return on Investment (SROI) in the Ukraine

The report presents practical application of the methodology developed by Context, International Cooperation in evaluating the potential return on investment of advocacy programs through four case studies. The case studies take into account the potential impact over five years of the policies that were approved as a result of the advocacy campaign and investments that were made by funding agency including grants, technical assistance, level of effort of the staff of the agency, etc

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Eval11 Session 569: Through Their Eyes: An Evaluation of a School Based Mental Health Program

This evaluation approach differed from the more traditional experimental approaches used in science to service studies of SBMH research and evaluation. By using a case study method, stakeholders' views of the program became the foundation for determining the program's impact and value

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