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Designing Careers in Evaluation and Preparing Evaluation Students and New Evaluators for the Profession

This panel explored the approaches used by U.S. universities to train graduate students in evaluation, and transition strategies to help students/new evaluators design their careers

2016 AEA Transitioning Students Bernstein.pptx

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AEA 2013, Panel Session 692, Evaluating Innovation and Impact in Social Enterprise: Current Methods and Future Directions

This emerging, cross-sector hybrid challenges us to create new evaluation frameworks that build on existing models and innovative approaches developed within the public and philanthropic organizations

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Eval 2016 - AaEA Pro Bono Program

To build the evaluation capacity of newer evaluators and foster organizational appreciation for evaluation among non-profits, the Atlanta-area affiliate of AEA offers pro-bono evaluation services

Pro Bono AEA Presentation 10-26-16_final3.pdf

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Integrating Evaluation & Learning in Foundations Amidst Organizational Changes (Eval 2015, Session 1289)

Abstract 2: Evaluation and Organizational Learning 2.0: A Refresh at The California Wellness Foundation Presentation Abstract 2: In 2014, at the end of a strategic planning process and after welcoming a new President/CEO, The California Wellness Foundation (Cal Wellness) set out to design a new evaluation framework

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