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Melissa Demetrikopoulos

Chair, Division of Program Development and Assessment

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Melissa K. Demetrikopoulos, Ph.D. is the Chair of the Division of Program Development and Assessment at the Institute for Biomedical Philosophy. Melissa is a member of the American Evaluation Association and has a leadership role in the STEM Education and Training TIG of the AEA.  She regularly conducts culturally responsive and linguistically appropriate mixed methods evaluations and has extensive experience with the evaluation of federally funded STEM workforce training and professional development projects (e.g. NSF, NIH, CDC, and US Dept of Ed) as well as privately funded educational projects (e.g. UNCF and HHMI). Melissa’s research interests include Partnership formation, Broadening participation, Scientific literacy, and enhancement of academic support and research opportunities for underrepresented minorities including examining strategies that support student success in research.  She has publications on STEM research, STEM education, and STEM education research and has given over 130 presentations, talks and workshops at conferences and professional development training programs. She provides professional development training on inter-institutional collaborations, building consensus, and partnership formation.  Dr. Demetrikopoulos’ successful approach to obtaining grant funding for academic institutions begins with a needs assessment and long-term granting strategy that is designed to match departmental needs with the Strategic Plan and Mission of the Institution. 
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Honors and Awards

Lifetime AAAS Fellow
The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)

Ocean Literacy Scope and Sequence Honor Roll
National Marine Education Association (NMEA)

White House Invitation to First in the World Evaluator Spotlight