STEM TIG's Evaluation 2019 Program Track

The American Evaluation Association is gearing up for Evaluation 2019. AEA’s annual conference, with the 2019 theme Paths to the Future of Evaluationis November 13-16, 2019 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

View the STEM TIG's program track in PDF format here.

The STEM Education and Workforce Training Topical Interest Group (TIG) of the American Evaluation Association will feature STEM educators, researchers, and evaluators. They will present their work, research, or best practices to a global audience of more than 3,000 colleagues, and connect with a thriving group of other STEM evaluation professionals. Stay tuned to hear more about which projects will be featured by the STEM TIG.

Paths to the Future

At Evaluation 2019, we will engage and discuss our rich experience and the contributions of evaluation, our strategies for leadership, and our actions for renewal in the following four areas:

  1. Addressing the key issues our society faces
  2. Applying and innovating methods and practices to evaluate in the context of important societal challenges
  3. Leaving no one behind
  4. Leading through evaluation

Given the focus on leading, AEA President Tessie Tzavaras Catsambas encourages all who submit proposals to think creatively about the future our organization will build. Learn more about the 2019 theme.

STEM TIG Repository

We're happy to announce the first public release of our STEM Evaluation Repository!

Click above and provide your input to keep this resource growing. If you are interested in learning more about the STEM Evaluation Repository, please contact Ann Martin