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What is a System Story? How Do I Create One? How Do I Use One?

Evaluators often work in complex situations that are hard to describe. Traditional logic models have been the primary tools for wrapping our heads around program theory and context. However, in complex situations, these logic models quickly become so overcrowded with boxes and arrows that it is...

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Handout: The PAC-Involved Evaluation

One-page handout about Meaningful Evidence's evaluation of the Howard University PAC-Involved project, a STEM Education Topical Interest Group Exemplar Evaluation for the American Evaluation Association 2015 Conference (Chicago, November 2015). #SystemsinEvaluation #ProgramDesign ...

PAC-Involved Evaluation handout AEA2015.pdf

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Theory Visualization: Integrating Findings from the PAC-Involved Evaluation into a Strategic Knowledge Map

Poster for AEA 2015 Authors: Izolda Fotiyeva, Bernadette Wright, Ladel Lewis, & Steven E. Wallis Our aim is to demonstrate a new conceptual systems science method to assess and compare program models/theories. Previous studies have applied Integrative Propositional Analysis to assess theories...

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AEA 2014: 1024--Puzzles, problems and messes

Session: Puzzles, problems and messes: insights and reflections on generating evidence based principles from developmental and adaptive evaluation practice in innovative and complex settings Presentation: Listening to stories of struggle and hope: Generating evidenced-based guiding principles...

Murphy--AEA 2014--Puzzles and Principles.pdf

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EVAL14 Presentation M&E of scale-up in two complex systems – community and health care – how systems, methodologies, and stakeholder approaches differ

This PowerPoint presentation from the AEA 2014 conference in Denver on 17 October 2014 compares monitoring and evaluation of two health interventions going to scale in complex systems - one a public sector health system in Rwanda, the other a community-based system in Benin. Still a work-in...

AEA 2014 Presentation_Comparing ME SU in Comm vs Hlth Care Systems_17Oct_FINAL.pdf

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Eval14 Paper Presentation: Using Systems Evaluation in Healthcare

Presentation by Bakken, Ross and Olson at AEA 2014. The presenters describe the findings from the first phase of an evaluation study designed to determine the contributions of a Morbidity, Mortality and Improvement Conference to changes in clinical practice and improvements in patient care at...

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Eval14 Demonstration: From Program Theory to Systems Theory: Using Logic Analysis to Reconceptualize an Evaluation

AEA Presentation on how and why an evaluation team at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center developed a systems theory for an MM&I conference using logic analysis #SystemsinEvaluation #2014Conference #ProgramTheoryandTheoryDrivenEvaluation #HealthEvaluation

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