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Think tank: Exploring the role of evaluation leaders in creating a diverse, inclusive and vibrant field of evaluation

The link below will bring you to the notes from the 2015 AEA think tank: Exploring the role of evaluation leaders in creating a diverse, inclusive and vibrant field of evaluation. Contributions from all think tank attendees are included. #DiversityandInclusion ...

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New Times, New Strategies to Evaluate Our Programs and Organizations

We would like to discuss how evaluation theories are influencing in many different ways evaluators, while new approaches and concepts are developed by other evaluators. Founders might learn about one or many of those approaches and then establish their requirements as to the organizations they...

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Culturally Specific Approaches to Systems and Policy Change to Reduce Health Disparities: Evaluating the EHDI Initiative

In 2001 the Minnesota Legislature established the Eliminating Health Disparities Initiative mandating the allocation of competitive grants to local programs to close the gap in the health status of African Americans/Africans, American Indians, Asian Americans, and Hispanic/Latinos in Minnesota...

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Eval14: Embracing the Complexity of Environmental Education Evaluation

The presentation describes the inherent complexity of contemporary environmental education (EE) programs, especially those with multiple audiences, often with seemingly divergent approaches to the work. We emphasize four key aspects of environmental educators’ experience that we have found...

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Challenges to evaluate the implementation of an affirmative action project: The Color of Culture

AEA’14 conference - PowerPoint Presentation from the "Effective strategies for conducting equity-focused evaluation in culturally diverse and ethnic programs" Multipaper Session . This work will reflect upon Roberto Marinho Foundation's learning on the evaluation methodology used to assess a...


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Questionnaire Design in the International Context: Tools to Tackle Difficult Questions

This presentation was given at the 2014 AEA Conference on Friday, October 17th by Stacey Frank and Nina Sabarre of D3 Systems. Many evaluators are taught basic skills for how to reduce bias and error when writing questions, but are left in the dark on how to handle obstacles unique to...