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New Times, New Strategies to Evaluate Our Programs and Organizations 

03-30-2015 16:55

We would like to discuss how evaluation theories are influencing in many different ways evaluators, while new approaches and concepts are developed by other evaluators. Founders might learn about one or many of those approaches and then establish their requirements as to the organizations they support; while evaluators may think differently, and some approaches that look more appropriate to specific organizations seem to be not relevant. We are interested in contrasting different experiences in how we approach this issue along the time, and, in particular, with our long term relationships. Do we impose our ideas? Do we follow what foundations are looking for, even though sometimes we see them as completely ineffective? Or we end creating a hybrid with the best of both, and then opening the discussion for new approaches? How do we deal with organizations that work with multiple founders support, and include their own evaluation and timelines?

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Matching Evaluation Strategies to Changing Evaluation Spaces and Environments