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Eval14_Consenting (Not) to Participate

Evaluation 2014 Conference presentation (Youth-Led Evaluation TIG) on ethical issues in evaluation with young people. #Ethics #Youth #children #YouthFocusedEvaluation #2014Conference #HowTo #Instruments #informedconsent


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Eval14: Developing a Curriculum Implementation Assessment to Examine Model Fidelity

Power point presentation given at the AEA 2014 Conference in Denver, Colorado, on October 17, 2014. A fundamental need of programs that utilize a standard curriculum is to assess whether or not the curriculum is delivered with fidelity to the intended model. Informed by implementation science,...

Developing a Curriculum Implementation Assessment to Examine Model Fidelity_10-17-2014.pdf

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Validated Student, Teacher, and Principal Survey Instruments for STEM Education Programs

This paper discusses three survey instruments that can be used to measure outcomes of STEM education programs, including: student attitudes toward STEM and interest in STEM careers; teacher efficacy and beliefs for teaching STEM and use of STEM instructional practices; and principal leadership...


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Eval14 - Introducing the Building Informal Science Education database: Over 500 evaluation reports coded and ready to explore

The NSF-Funded Building Informal Science Education (BISE) project has coded over 500 evaluation reports posted to, and we are ready to share our database and related resources. During the session, we provided an overview of the BISE project and how we created our extensive...

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