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Eval14 - Introducing the Building Informal Science Education database: Over 500 evaluation reports coded and ready to explore 

10-29-2014 23:30

The NSF-Funded Building Informal Science Education (BISE) project has coded over 500 evaluation reports posted to informalscience.org, and we are ready to share our database and related resources. During the session, we provided an overview of the BISE project and how we created our extensive coding framework based on common characteristics of evaluation reports. The bulk of the session was dedicated to familiarizing the audience with the diversity of the freely available resources from our project, including an NVivo database of the coded reports. We also shared a variety of ways people have used these resources to inform the evaluation field as well as improve their own practice. Explore these resources for yourself! You'll find the following in the zip file that you can download here: http://informalscience.org/documents/BISE_DATA.zip A folder of all 521 reports: This folder includes the 521 reports that were downloaded from informalscience.org and coded as part of the BISE project. EndNote Library: This EndNote library includes citations for all 521 reports that were coded as part of the BISE project. PDF copies of each report are included with the citations. File to import into Mendeley: This is a file downloaded from EndNote that can be imported into Mendeley citation management software. Coding Framework: This is the coding framework developed and used by the BISE team to code all 521 reports included in the project. Excel File of Report Level Codes: This file includes coding for the codes the BISE team applied to an entire report, not specific sections of a report. These same codes can found in the NVivo database as attributes under “Classifications.” NVivo Project Database: The NVivo project database includes all of the coding applied by the BISE team based on the BISE Coding Framework. There are three separate projects available for use in NVivo. BISE Nvivo Database for Mac Nvivo 10 BISE NVivo Database for PC NVivo 9 BISE NVivo Database for PC Nvivo 10

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