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Validated Student, Teacher, and Principal Survey Instruments for STEM Education Programs 

11-03-2014 10:16

This paper discusses three survey instruments that can be used to measure outcomes of STEM education programs, including: student attitudes toward STEM and interest in STEM careers; teacher efficacy and beliefs for teaching STEM and use of STEM instructional practices; and principal leadership for STEM. The presentation will summarize the content of each survey and provide details regarding the reliability and validity testing that has been completed for each instrument. The paper shares descriptions of how these surveys have been used in three kindergarten-through-12th-grade STEM education evaluations: evaluation and capacity-building for data-driven decision-making in North Carolina State University's STEM outreach programs; a 14-grant cluster evaluation impacting over 200 elementary, middle, and high schools; and evaluation and capacity-building for district-wide STEM schools. Lastly, the paper will discuss practical considerations for evaluators using the instruments, including issues related to program size and goals, administration, and analysis methods.

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