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On-going learning informing program design: Insights from a South African financial literacy program

This presentation from AEA 2016: Evaluation + Design explores the interplay between evaluation and design within the context of a South African financial literacy program. The monitoring and evaluation team was involved right from the beginning and so the design of the program informed the way...


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AEA 2016 Session 2450: Demonstrating Tools for Supporting Programs Along Different Stages of the Evaluation Life Cycle

These are the materials from AEA Session 2450: Demonstrating Tools for Supporting Programs Along Different Stages of the Evaluation Life Cycle Delivered Thursday, October 27th at AEA 2016 in Atlanta. Programs may be unsure about how to begin the evaluation journey, and what goals they...

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Mind the Gap: Bridging evaluation literacy, design, and use to strengthen community programs

This is a session at Eval 2016 - Atlanta by Courtney Barnard and Becki Hale. Go to to see session handouts. In this Train the Trainer session, participants will learn methods to teach this process to non-evaluators modeled from our own experience...

Mind the Gap Session Handout.pdf

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Eval2015 Session 1442: Principles in Practice—Stakeholder Engagement in Multisite Evaluations

Presentation 4: Building the Capacity of the Capacity-Builders—Lessons from the Internal Evaluation of a Multistate Technical Assistance Program: The technical assistance program being evaluated operates using a capacity-building framework to provide high-quality, relevant, and useful capacity...

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Meaningful Evaluation in the Context of Schools

Three presentations as they were presented at AEA 2015 for the session, "Meaningful Evaluation in the Context of Schools" on Fri, Nov 13, 2015 (03:30 PM - 04:15 PM). 1. Holistically Evaluating Teacher Professional Development 2. Rapid Cycles of Evaluation for School Improvement 3. School...

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Engaging Various Levels of Stakeholders in Grant-Mandated Evaluation of Community-Based Organizations

These materials are from the Evaluation 2015 session. How can I build stakeholder interest in funder-mandated evaluations of a complex, multi-site program? During this session, participants will explore this question using the Community HealthCorps AmeriCorps program as an example. Community...

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Community-Based Evaluation on Chicago's South Side: Evaluation in What Spike Lee Calls "Chiraq"

This is a PDF of poster #2348, presenting at the poster session of AEA's 2015 conference in Chicago. Here is the abstract: The evaluation lead for SCIENCES (Supporting a Community's Informal Education Needs: Confidence and Empowerment in STEM) will address the factors of the NSF-funded project...

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Newsletter to share PAC-Involved evaluation findings with students

A newsletter by Meaningful Evidence, LLC to share findings of the Howard University PAC-Involved project evaluation with student participants. AEA 2015 conference. #STEMEducationandTraining #EvaluationUse #STEM #studentengagement #evaluationreporting

ME newsletter Final Edits Nov 7.pdf