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Factors Influencing Changes to an Outcomes Measurement System over a Decade

Information for the Maryland Behavioral Health Administration’s (BHA) Outcomes Measurement System (OMS) is gathered from individuals who are receiving outpatient treatment services in the Public Behavioral Health System (PBHS). The data is collected over time across various life domains....

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Eval 2015: What are You Looking At? Intentional Observational Strategies for Evaluation

Below are slides and notes for my 2015 AEA presentation (hover over the comment icon in the upper left corner of the slides to read the notes). It explores how to maximize observational moments in evaluation. Abstract: Evaluators often participate in program meetings, view program activities,...

Henderson 2015 AEA intentional observation.pdf

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Think tank: Exploring the role of evaluation leaders in creating a diverse, inclusive and vibrant field of evaluation

The link below will bring you to the notes from the 2015 AEA think tank: Exploring the role of evaluation leaders in creating a diverse, inclusive and vibrant field of evaluation. Contributions from all think tank attendees are included. #DiversityandInclusion ...

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Poster presented at AEA 2015 Discusses the concept of consumer self-sufficiency as it applies to culturally, linguistically and economically diverse health insurance consumers, and describes the process and challenges of defining, promoting and measuring self-sufficiency. Addresses evaluation...

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[EP1] Evaluation Policies in the Field - Lessons Learned from a Foundation Investigation

Session presented at Evaluation 2015 Evaluation policy is an important matter facing the field of evaluation today (Trochim, 2009). It encompasses all other aspects of evaluation practice--topics of debate among practitioners and scholars including methods, stakeholders, use, dissemination, etc...

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The PAC-Involved Evaluation (Ignite presentation, AEA 2015)

See our Ignite presentation on our evaluation of the PAC-Involved project. Recognized as an Exemplary Evaluation at the 2015 American Evaluation Association conference. #2015Conference #Ignite #STEMEducationandTraining

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Eval2015 Session 1442: Principles in Practice—Stakeholder Engagement in Multisite Evaluations

Presentation 4: Building the Capacity of the Capacity-Builders—Lessons from the Internal Evaluation of a Multistate Technical Assistance Program: The technical assistance program being evaluated operates using a capacity-building framework to provide high-quality, relevant, and useful capacity...

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A Critical Review of Evidence-Based Repositories in Behavioral Health

These slides are the final PowerPoint slides from this presentation. The presentation presents results from a National Institute of Health funded study titled “A Critical Review of Evidence-Based Program Repositories in Behavioral Health”. The purpose of the study was to better understand best...

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Street Smarts

Notes from AEA 2015 Conference Session: Evaluation "Street Smarts": Strategies to Re-Frame Learning in the context of Real-World Application. Organizers: Julie T. Elworth and Elizabeth Litzler, University of Washington. #Non-ProfitsandFoundationsEvaluation #2015Conference

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Accountability to Communities in Humanitarian Work

AEA conference presentation framing roundtable discussion, drawing upon key lessons from the field with accountability to communities. Presenters included Kristin Helz with American Red Cross, Mununuri Musori with International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), and...

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