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[EP1] Evaluation Policies in the Field - Lessons Learned from a Foundation Investigation 

12-13-2015 17:02

Session presented at Evaluation 2015 Evaluation policy is an important matter facing the field of evaluation today (Trochim, 2009). It encompasses all other aspects of evaluation practice---topics of debate among practitioners and scholars including methods, stakeholders, use, dissemination, etc. Moreover, evaluation policies have direct impact on what social programs are funded, and their perceived value (Datta, 2009). This study presents the lessons learned from an investigation of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's evaluation policies. Findings from the study suggest that evaluation policies should be further examined across a variety of levels: individual, organizational, and systemic. This multi-leveled consideration offers insight into the specific ways evaluation policies bear on practice. Program evaluation plays a significant role in aiding our understanding of the effectiveness of interventions. Evaluations operate under the auspices of evaluation policies, which shape all aspects of evaluation design. This study provides insight can help all evaluation stakeholders undertake more thoughtful, careful work.

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