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Negotiating Evaluation Expectations AEA 2016 Taylor & Liadsky

Leaders in the nonprofit sector who want to build their internal capacity to conduct evaluation have access to a wealth of helpful resources. However, there are fewer guides available to those who want to get better at making strategic design choices about when to evaluate and why. ...

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Who Sets the Nonprofit Evaluation Agenda? AEA 2016 Slides

These are the slides from our Ignite session at AEA. In the nonprofit world, evaluation and accountability are closely linked. Much of the evaluation work that takes place is motivated, at least in part, by a desire to meet the requirements of funders, who hope to use evaluation results to...

AEA Who Sets the Nonprofit Evaluation Agenda? Taylor Liadsky.pdf

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Eval11 Session 776: Evaluation Follow-Up: Challenges and Lessons

PowerPoint slides for AEA 2011 Think Tank session on evaluation follow-up from presenters Osvaldo Feinstein, Bidjan Nashat, Mike Hendricks. Session abstract: "This Think Tank will examine key challenges and lessons for international, humanitarian and development, organizations in evaluation...

AEA Evaluation Follow-up Think Tank - 2011.ppt