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Eval12 Session 505: Collaborative Evaluations - Mapping Interorganizational Collaboration in a Community Health Partnership

Slides from presentation on Friday morning, 10/26/12 8:00-9:30, on use of network analysis in the evaluation of a community based partnership. Presentation Abstract: This presentation will discuss the use of social network analysis in documenting the evolution of a community health partnership over the past eight years

ION Presentation _AEA2012 [Compatibility Mode].pdf

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Using Social Network Analysis to Understand Growth and Collaboration in the B-cell mediated HIV Vaccine Field

Social network analysis was used to examine growth in the number of researchers and collaboration among authors over the past ten years. Key researchers in these networks as determined by centrality were identified, and the evolution of these central figures over time, was observed

2014 10 14_slides for aea.pdf

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Eval11 Session 624: Demo - Follow Me, Friend Me, Tweet Me -- A Demonstration of Social Media's Evaluation Power

To address this need, the Center for Evaluation & Research and the California Youth Advocacy Network will demonstrate the features of their new social media evaluation guide and illustrate how organizations can move beyond basic analytics to deeper insights about how social media data can inform their programs

Follow Me, Friend Me, Tweet Me_FINAL1.pptx

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AEA 2013, Measuring the Impact of Social Media Think Tank Session

Power point slides to accompany the think tank session on how to measure the impact of social media on achieving foundation and nonprofit outcomes. Presentation by Tina Kauh and Amy Woodrum of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Victoria Dougherty of Victoria Dougherty Consulting and Katelyn...

AEA 2013 SMM think tank presentation VJDconsulting_RWJF.ppt

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AEA 2014: Evaluating Digital and Social Media to Advance Policy Advocacy and Policy Change

Digital and social media strategies (D/SM) are increasingly being used by organizations in the social sector as a way to advance advocacy and policy change goals. As a field, we continue to explore how to measure the impact of D/SM strategies on longer-term goals such as shifts in the public...

AEA2014_Evaluating Digital and Social Media Strategies to Advance Policy and Systems Change_Public.pdf

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AEA 2013, Panel Session 692, Evaluating Innovation and Impact in Social Enterprise: Current Methods and Future Directions

The operating environment of programs aiming to impact social conditions is changing. Initiatives that address education, health, community development, and safety face funding challenges due to a struggling economy. Post-funding sustainability is a concern. Social enterprise, which combines the...

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Focus Search - To keep communication flowing among and within the networks they use web-based tools, such as Google Groups Discovered the rewards of learning and solving problems together with others who shared their same deep knowledge and passion about the issue Strive is an independent non-profit with 8 staff members with $1.5M annual budget that supports action networks with technology, training of facilitators, communications Network organization: Actors work in 15 action networks against each intervention Two Stage Endorsement Process: establish evidence that proposed solution will have desired impact based on success in other regions Facilitated Learning: Bi weekly learning sessions facilitated by Six Sigma trained coaches and facilitators Common Agenda 1 Shared Measurement 2 Continuous Communication 4 Backbone Support Organization 5 Collective Impact: Case Study Education Materials developed by Strive, a subsidiary of KnowledgeWorks

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Introduction to Outcome Mapping workshop 2013

Slides from the 2013 AEA professional development workshop: Introduction to Outcome Mapping: A framework for considering complexity, relationships and context in monitoring and evaluating social change. By Kaia Ambrose and Simon Hearn #QualitativeMethods #AdvocacyandPolicyChange ...

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