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Developing Effective Performance Measures Skill Building Workship

This skill building workshop at #eval14, the 2014 AEA conference, addressed five questions.What are the types of performance measures, and how are performance measures used? What is a logic model, and what are some examples of performance measurement use models?What are the obstacles to the...

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Eval11 Session 633: Is the Footprint Rightly Measured? Challenges to evaluate environmental and social performance and impacts in private sector projects

Environmental and social (E&S) sustainability is an explicit strategic pillar of many multilateral development banks (MDBs) investing in private sector. The projects encompass a wide range of E&S risks and opportunities; pollution control and waste management, occupational health and safety,...

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Performance Management in the Obama Administration

Handouts to accompany plenary presentation at 2010 Summer Evaluation Institute. Session Description: Professor Newcomer will describe the context and challenges the Obama Administration’s approach to performance management confronts. She will describe the legacy of performance measurement...


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Change & Continuity: Lessons Learned from the Bush and Obama Administrations' Experiences with Evaluation and Performance Measurement (Hart and Newcomer)

Draft paper presented on Nov. 12, 2015 at Evaluation 2015Abstract: Calls for "evidence‐based policy" and for assessing how well government programs work have been around for many years. The George W. Bush and Barack Obama Administrations both espoused support for the generation and use of...

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