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Eval11 Session 972: Outcomes-based performance in the South African Public Sector

The South African government has adopted an ambitious government-wide monitoring and evaluation system (GWM&ES) headed by a newly established Ministry for Monitoring and Evaluation in the Presidency since 2009. It is supposed to systematically monitor and evaluate the outcomes of government programme performance at all governmental levels

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Eval11 Session 218: Evolution of learning: Positioning evaluation within a comprehensive performance management system

This presentation focuses on two major issues in PM which are of interest to evaluators: a) the roles of evaluation and monitoring in a PM system, and b) ways evaluators can improve the production, dissemination, and utilization of evaluation information within a PM system


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Eval11 Session 985: Performance Evaluation on National Policies and Strategies for Child Development

The evaluation results showed that: context-provincial officers ran the operation as general work, not mission emerged from the strategies; input-the plan was standardized target groups, and its budget was adequately allocated; process-the plans were appropriate and effective, and monitoring and quality assessment were run; effectiveness-the percentage of target group children did not go down as planned; impact-the plan officers concentrated on target group children’s behavior, not skill or proficiency improvement; sustainability-the society needed planned operations and offered help and support for cooperation; transportability-the central national strategies and plans could not operated effectively, so each province was supposed to run its own plans and strategies with supports from the center

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Eval12 Session 356: Measuring Performance Measurement

Sound performance measures can provide a foundation for subsequent evaluations, and evaluations often test the validity of measures or generate a monitoring framework that incorporates performance measures

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Focus Search - Distortion Campbells Law: The more any quantitative social indicator is used for social decision making, the more subject it will be to corruption pressures and the more apt it will be to distort and corrupt the social processes it is intended to monitor. Numerical Advantage Pty

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Program Evaluation and Program Improvement: Challenges, Opportunities, and New Directions at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Slides from SI10 Keynote 1 from Janet Collins

Session Description: In 1999, with the publication of its Framework for Program Evaluation in Public Health, CDC signaled its desire to increase the quality of program evaluation and use of evaluation findings for program improvement. Great strides have been made in program evaluation of public...


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Eval11 Session 683: Ongoing Short-term Performance Measurement as a Predictor of Long-term Objectives Achievement by Government Programs: A Case Study

There are great benefits to be derived from considering ongoing operational performance measurement as an important complement to the periodic evaluation function; designed to include bench-mark indicators and short-term feedback linked to long-term program success. Such predictors can be...

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