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Eval11 Session 683: Ongoing Short-term Performance Measurement as a Predictor of Long-term Objectives Achievement by Government Programs: A Case Study  

10-27-2011 16:00

There are great benefits to be derived from considering ongoing operational performance measurement as an important complement to the periodic evaluation function; designed to include bench-mark indicators and short-term feedback linked to long-term program success. Such predictors can be regarded as lead indicators: if the problems they identify are left untreated, there will be a longer-term cumulative effect by the time the program is evaluated. Such lead indicators can be updated annually and form data input on a cumulative basis to a program's evaluation. Henceforth, neither evaluation nor performance measurement would be considered separately. Rather, they would function as an integrated whole. Benefits involved would include: - Annual feedback from lead indicators would serve as an early warning system; - More robust management accountability systems, based on timely assessment of performance; - Findings from the in-depth evaluation would provide a feedback loop to fine-tune the ongoing operational performance lead indicators.

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